With the Tobias Dammer and Marc Merscher GbR Marc looks after different artists in their artistic career. Marc also supports various other projects in management

Studio + Live Guitarist

As a studio and live guitarist Marc is mainly active in the genres rock, pop, funk, soul and blues. 

He can be booked as a live guitarist for various events and is available for various projects and bands, but he can also suggest his own bands from duo to large line-up. 

In his own home studio all kinds of recordings can be done professionally. 


Marc Merscher (born 1998) started playing the guitar at the age of four. At the age of six he founded his first band RoKu-MaMe. Further bands followed a few years later, with whom he wrote his own songs and performed live. With the band "Audiation" around singer Anna Prokop he still performs cover songs in duo as well as in extended line-up, in his own way.

In 2016 Marc graduated from high school and has been a student at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in the music business course ever since. Meanwhile he is increasingly active in the music industry in the fields of artist management and music publishing. In 2019 Marc merged with his partner Tobias Dammer. The company now supports German as well as international artists in artist management and is active in the publishing industry as Edition "Dammer und Merscher".

Marc has not lost his love for the guitar to this day and is on tour as a guitarist in various bands on stages in Germany and abroad. He also works in his own home studio as studio guitarist for various productions.
Marc Merscher


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